ada apa dengan negeri ini?

Doctor and Patient Need More Understanding

I feel upset about what a group of doctor in this country did five days ago. I feel sorry about what has happened  but sometimes when we talk about doctors and hospitals our mind has directed to how bad a communication was built between them.  They both need a super understanding, good communication  so that every business reached the solution. patient-getting-doctor_~x11832622Why we need it? Because this is relating to the move by thousands of doctors across the country to stage a nationwide protest on Wednesday which raised more criticism than sympathy with many blasting the doctors for violating their code of ethics.

As a result of the protest, many hospital patients were left without proper medical attention. How could they?  Many people damned the protest and the doctors’ decision to abandoned their patients in the name of solidarity.  As far as I know, the doctors’ ethics code did not allow strikes no matter what. What exactly all about? If they afraid of  such as criminalization  of malpractice I think it’s silly and banal statement. Doctors are allowed to protest, but if they staged a demonstration and ignored their social responsibility then what they did was wrong. A doctor should have had a great logic.  They should not neglect patient. Patient need  doctor’s help, vice versa.  Both of them  need to be understood  each other.

Apart from doctors-patients’ case, I think it would be nice and wise if both of them sit together to produce some kind  national guideline,  to create a legal protection for the doctors and their patients as the consumers. Do not disappointed patient, please.

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