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I Left My Cell Phone At Home


When my cell phone left behind, it could be a little disaster. Everybody realized that the cell phone was like the second partner in life. Without it, you could be a missing person.   

I never forget my phone, not a chance. But this time, I did. It feels like one of my things has gone away and I did not feel very good. It just happened and I did nothing to do for just a moment.  My feeling was uncomfortably well without this cell phone. Although I am not a loved-to bring-stuff-person, sometimes I truly missed it. Like every time I always check on my social media or just  updated my status, then I have found that I could not do it because my cell phone was left.

Well, it was not my habit to forget  my phone when I went to my office. My bag has got a lot of stuff, full and heavy. I always check and recheck whether and make sure my purse, cell phone, lunch box, book, key, ID card office,  umbrella has safely into my big bag. This kind like my routine activities every morning besides remembering what the thing I should do while I went to work.

And I forgot this one. I completely forgot even when I am on my way to work. I remembered my phone while my fingers need to clack-click.  How come, how could I forget? I did not know. Perhaps my brain has full of notes that I should do it first,  so my  cell phone was ignored. Without my cell phone, I am kind of little bit lost and leaving it behind was actually a significant problem for somebody. This was not my habit of leaving the phone around, but I am sure this situation would not be pleasant to work. But surprisingly,  I am not the anxious people who could not work without it.  My performance was usual right now, not like a drama-queen, I guess. 🙂


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