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I Left My Wallet at Home

Whoa, it is ridiculous thing when I found out my wallet has just left at home. I think this is not right because a month ago I left my cell phone and that was making a horrible ( but not quite) situation in my office.

This morning was a little hectic. I realized I was not finding my wallet when I paid for gas. Suddenly, my mind was empty thinking of what I am doing as soon as I am ready to go to work. I was pretty sure my wallet was not missing. Then I remembered. I change my money into my mom’s. And I forgot to put my wallet back in my shoulder bag.

While walking down Joglo, I’d texted my mom to ask whether my wallet still at home. She’d replied, it left on my desk.

Everything is going fine finally. Thanks to my dad who pays the gas. Still, I did not know why I am so sloppy to do like that? Am I getting old or my mind full of stuff I am thinking of? It is making something not only bad situation, but also confusing.

Well, I took a good lesson today. Prepare yourself once again when you left. Or remember a message at the cinema after watching a movie, check your belongings. 🙂

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