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Listening To : Domestic Pressures

After watching a movie titled The Theory of Everything two months ago, I felt still having impressed. Not only for their cast, plot,  and old school building which beautifully set within it but also its music. Ya, I love kinda of musical score. It began when I was in the middle of doing something then I started to listen simply because I like its tone and randomly picked some tune in my music collection. And this rhythm was playing through my laptop. First listen, just like an ordinary, but later it caught my attention. I immediately noticed its composition, so amazing. It made my mind exploring to another place far away. Parts of different instrument appear on separate stave. It sounds marvelous. It’s like all song has truly brought me into a different kind of peace.

I think it’s so exaggerating, but it’s true.

Well, this is one of my favourite  compositions of 27 tracks of The Theory of Everything.



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