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Meet the Spotless Behavior

When you get used to being an untidy person, to see everything  in different or extremely  neat situation might be a hard thing.  Even,  if you are the people  who love a neat and tidy situation you will be so surprised to find out that there is another  person who has been able to see everything just spotless, nothing else. And  I meet that circumstances like that at my office. My new office.

Here in our new place,   my friends are coming to surprise and so is my  mind. A lot of things were happening last month and I could barely talk about anything except our moving office. After placing all of properties into our new office, the next step was to set all  the things. Check computer, cable setting,  introducing  ourselves into a new neighborhood,  a new friend, etc. Then, what happens next was  new knowledge. It looked like  our boss is a clean  atmosphere lover. I got it once when he said my table’s color was so not the same to the other. Consequently, I had to change my table like my friends color’, bright brown.

Simply put, anything  in the right order, got it? But it looked like there was not too long. On the next day, I puzzled about his suggestion to change  a shelf with the new one, or the other day  he gave  an order to change  something unimportant like editing cables, repainting of our new shelf,  or  the mouse of computer should be in black color , so on.  Everything is rather in uniform. According to him, that cables looked  messy. They  had to be covered with something looked neater.

Well, since this is my new office, so we, -his new untidy employees- will follow  a ‘credo’, sort of. Do not eat snacks carelessly because they will leave some kind spot on the desk  or chair, or its stain could not be cleaned.

But, behind his suggestion to keep clean in everywhere,  I thought this is a good way for me to enhance  my neatness and cleanliness of something around my work. He keeps telling us that everything will be seem beautiful, and looked harmony if we applied and understood that clean and tidy as a  good  habit. Still, do not be a paranoid too with those unstained.

A good image of  spotless will be planted into our mind that clean and tidy are  a good combination to produce  a comfortable  atmosphere. Not to mention our health, right?

So far, after at least three weeks of my working, this new environment has been an absolutely fine (hope so!) Honestly, today my new office has a great impact and significant thing  than the old one regarding to spotless thing 🙂

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