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My Blog Life (Lately)

My Blog Life (Lately)

How’s been your 2019? Everything has just alright for the time being. Yet, did you realize that what had happened for this year-long, was your huge achievement in building one of your goals and creating the next steps? Honestly, while I went to decide to make myself as a seller, I had no idea.

I didn’t know what should I do. Everything was learning by doing. Every step I carried out was not an easy way to take. I thought I got used to being an entrepreneur in just a few moments, not long since I had decided it. Nevertheless, it did so hard!

Not to speak of, I have a dream as a writer. I love writing. For this reason, I must have a blog to gather one of my ideas, one of my restless mind. Sounds good, right? But, there’s no easy way to handle both of your professions, namely as blogger and seller. If anybody would say that carry out two jobs were easy, I would hats off. I felt amazed at what they had done simultaneously for sure.

My blog has super abandoned for months, oops! I just confessed. I meant, my ideas were so difficult my mind to dig. I couldn’t help myself to create something that people want to read eagerly.

Besides, my other profession as a seller has reached its profit. Thanks to my prior job which taught me how to negotiate, made a transaction or dealt a price, in the end, I could handle everything,

Yet, I felt I could do more than just writing and selling. I want to implement my skills and combine both. Let’s start with my blog. Oh hang on, I have just ignored my blog for several weeks since my last writing about the children parks in my home town. And I could not write anything brightly.

I was likely less to know about my surroundings and failed to recognize something to be a good story. Sometimes, a simple thing would be awesome. In general, I usually find out the topics incidentally and never run out of the material. I can write directly and believe that my writing will bring the reader a new insight.

Well, if you found out some lacks or obscurity from my blog, it will be my booster to encourage me so that I could write more diligent, more detail, and nicely. So anything constructed suggestion will be accepted.

What is your effort to make your blog looked to stand out?

Honestly, I don’t know. I am not an SEO specialist who always tries to understand keywords in detail.

Instead of being an expert, I would be a blogger with handling writing management. It means you have to search for great topics diligently considered and would be able to this topic up. Yes, it didn’t give you easy learning for just several weeks but months! See, once I had been practicing and learning, I’ve got used to it.

Now, the future of blogging has many challenges which I could face it. Some skills must add and invest all the knowledge we’ve received.
There wasn’t some progress much, yet I tried to catch up. I tried to uncover all the curtains which are closed in my mind, then start to devour.

Meanwhile, I still keep waiting for some expert who has been able to solve some problems relevant to this blogging. Seemingly, I need those people got to do quickly so that in the year 2020 we’ve got some blogging improvement, especially BERT in SEO.

Time in counting, exactly.

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