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There’s No Laughter Around

Well, I want to talk about myself. I think it’s unusual for me to raise up an issue such like this. It’s about laugh at my office. Laugh? What laugh? Yeah, after moving into a new office building plus new environment, I have some kind of feeling  a rigidness, an empty space which needs to be filled. Initially, I did not realize what happened to me exactly why  I am so having felt a bored anyway when I am doing my work at my office. I can not figure out until a new awareness came into my mind.

What is that about? That is a laugh. Yes, I ran out a sense of laugh, a big laugh actually. Since I knew that all these persons  is not easily humor lover,  everything has become too hard to express my real fun of something. I love to say something in funny gesture,  giving  an amusing  comment, or just comical word abruptly. And when those  funny things not welcomed, I knew that my old-new friends were not my ‘favorite’  friends.

I mean,  everything tends to raise a laugh or smile but when  you talk  desperately  funny, but all around just stay put  or not smile, I think you should go alone. I met these people  like that everyday. Sadly, these people  were  my  ex-Kembangan friends. Not all of them though. All of my friends’ faces looked so heavy with a pile of work they  should do every day, every time.  Some noises, screaming of unsatisfied  task coloring my office. Everything so quick-tempered, not relax,  so tense, let alone  peace.

An uptight condition is contrasted with the past when our office  still lived in Kembangan. Every person has always provided  some jokes and made me relax to do all of my work. Some  funny story came from my guys who always kept visiting our room control master at lunch time especially. They kept talking about an usual story, daily  small talk, some groovy thing  I could enjoy  listening. It was so relaxing.

What is the effect of that? My feeling greatly happy all day.  I think stress out will be smoothly loosed. Compared with the situation now, I could see a broad difference between. In the past, I  met somebody -mostly male employee-  continued talk  some jokes, they did everything with funny actions.  I could say their sense of humor was absolutely  good. Now, I meet mostly female employee with their workload! It’s not surprising is it?

So, what should I do to make my facial line  rather smile-looked? I did not know until now.  I could not see what the answer for that. I tried to take everything  in peace, but it took  some time. Another way  was  to ridicule all the things which is potentially to be  ridiculed. It sounds corny, though.

Shortly, I missed my laughter, I missed laugh out loud. And I missed  them.  I need the people who could make me amused when my  office work so highly boring, why?

Because laughter is the best medicine, right?

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