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Waroenk Kito and Friends

Our breaking fast this year was in Waroenk Kito, Taman Semanan Indah. My friends have planned  to go here. It’s just the nearest restaurant we can find and yummy they said. It’s not quite a restaurant-looked. It’s just like a canteen so far. It has at least eight or nine tables with long table and another four tables more at open area. After all, my friends would come all so I guess it can be quite noisy. 🙂

Waroenk Kito LogoWe sat and had chatted a little and waiting for Maghrib call. Actually, I had broken earlier with orange juice, it’s so fresh on my throat. My friends ordered many foods for us. Our reservations were;  ayam kuluyuk, sapi lada hitam, puyunghai, gurame asam manis, kailan cah bawang putih, and I picked my favourite food, udang goreng mentega.

This restaurant has provided another menu which made us still drooling. The taste  was good, especially my food choice, udang goreng mentega. My  friends has always needed more  and  more eating as if  they never met these cuisines. Actually, I need to know its spaghetti bolognaise, too bad my tummy too full. The prices match well and feasible with the taste and quality. It’s worth it. 😀

happy all?
happy all?

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