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My Blog Life (Lately)

December 11, 2019
My Blog Life (Lately)

How’s been your 2019? Everything has just alright for the time being. Yet, did you realize that what had happened for this year-long, was your huge achievement in building one of your goals and creating the next steps? Honestly, while I went to decide to make myself as a seller, I had no idea. I […]

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Upset Feeling

May 5, 2017

It’s about lameness I felt when I’ve got work here. I thought I could go smoothly happy to have a job nowadays. And yet, probably it’s just a sweet dream of movie  when I was so cheerfully become one of employee whom they  had chosen. I took bad emotions, even when I got into  this […]

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There’s No Laughter Around

March 18, 2017

Well, I want to talk about myself. I think it’s unusual for me to raise up an issue such like this. It’s about laugh at my office. Laugh? What laugh? Yeah, after moving into a new office building plus new environment, I have some kind of feeling  a rigidness, an empty space which needs to […]

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Meet the Spotless Behavior

October 3, 2016

When you get used to being an untidy person, to see everything  in different or extremely  neat situation might be a hard thing.  Even,  if you are the people  who love a neat and tidy situation you will be so surprised to find out that there is another  person who has been able to see […]

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